COC Foreign Missions:

Cross of Christ Community Church seeks to obey Christ’s command to “Go” into all the world and preach the gospel to every person on the face of the earth. We strive to possess the compassion of Christ for the countless souls scattered across the world who have never heard the good news that Jesus saves. Thus, it is the purpose of COC Missions by supporting Pastor Joseph Mwangi in Nairobi, Kenya.

Opportunities abound for you to be involved in our vibrant missions ministry. Whether it be by fervently praying, sacrificially giving, or personally going, there is plenty for you to do at Cross of Christ Community Church in our missions program.

After serving God from my youth,having served God faithfully for twenty years as a regional Bishop,God used the general overseer who spoke to me prophetically,God was telling me to rise up because the time He intended to use me in the ministry is due.
Having blessed me for the twenty years I served in that ministry, I found myself start a ministry by the name Foundation of God Global Ministries.
When we were about two years old God opened a door whereby we connected with a servant of God from N.Carolina. Cross of Christ Community Church which brought more light to our ministry here.
I managed to start about 7 churches nation wide but later merged two, now we have 5 churches. Each of these churches are renting praying that God will open a door that we may have our own.
Other challenges that I do experience here is transportation, it used to be easy before I lost my car but now it is tough on me for these churches are far apart all across our country.
Some months ago we tried to raise cash for the car and came short by 250 usd, to have means of transportion. The money is set aside awaiting us to raise the remaining 250 usd.
The other challenge is that we do reach out street children with gospel, food and clothing whenever God open a door and we get supplies,the most urgent one is means of transportion because it is the one that I used to reach each of the churches, crusades, conferences and the street families.
A number of people have been supportive, people like pasyor Darrell and his wife Laura together with CoC family, plus other friends who join in with us whenever we have needs,may God bless you all. Your prayers and donations are furthering the work of The Lord here in Nairobi, Kenya and all of Africa.
Pastor Joseph Mwangi