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Introducing People to the


Lots of people know about Jesus in our part of the world. Many would tell you they love Jesus. They grew up in church and cry every Easter. They have Bibles in their homes. Scriptures are hanging on their walls. Jesus seems to be a big part of their lives. He’s just not the center. Their lives are not that much different than everyone else’s.

What if more is possible? What if Jesus is bigger than you think He is? Better than you think He is? More loving than you think He is? More gracious than you think He is? What if there's a joy and a peace available to you that you dare not imagine?

Our mission at Cross of Christ Community Church is to introduce people to the real Jesus. The real Jesus is so much more than a consultant offering you a better life. He is so much more than a hero to admire or a teacher to emulate. Jesus is the very power that created the Universe. He is the center of all things and the One for whom all things exist.

Join us every Sunday at 10:30am!

Come on out and bring the whole family! This is not the place where you have to get your life together and do a lot of changing before you come. This is the place where you come as you are and begin a new journey in life and allow Jesus to become real to you.